After a lot of looking for a composition this particular day I found the tranquility of this scene just amazing and couldn’t resist from shooting it. The water played it’s part and did a complete glass off for a mirror reflection.

‘ serenity ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on April 22, 2011.

18 Responses to “Serenity…”

  1. Great image mate, that reflection is perfect!

  2. Nice one Tony, love it, great reflections.
    Ive photographed the jetty in the far right in this shot.

  3. Yeah that’s pretty cool Toneman…have a great Easter mate!

  4. Love it mate. It is as you say, serene.

  5. Love it mate a real winner. Have a good Easter.

  6. How glassy is that water!? Like this one Tony!

    • Cheers Tim. It’s funny how water like this resonates with anyone who loves getting on the water/boating.

  7. Love it Tony, absolutely gorgeous. Nicely seen. Don’t think that water could be any stiller if it as frozen that way..


  8. very beautifully still photo

  9. bloody fantastic Tony. i love it too! amazing how much is in this image, yet it still is a rather simplistic image. the reflection grabs me from the start- so rare to get something as crisp as that, then I explore, the great detail in the wood, the old rope darting off, the fishing boat and all the moorings off to the right. very nice composition too man 😀

    • Thanks Stephen – yeah the detail in the tranquility and some of the simplistic elements looks real cool full res.
      Hope you had a great easter mate 🙂

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