the fist…

How’s this for something a bit different on the blog here ? This old run down building up in the hills had some cool random art work just adding to the glorious old charm of the place. Due to the smaller web version losing the rustic detail of the artwork I’ve included a crop (less than 100%) of it in this post as well.

‘ the fist ‘

‘ fist detail ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on April 20, 2011.

11 Responses to “the fist…”

  1. That is some pretty cool graffiti, I love stencil work like that.

    • Hi Kieran – yeah it certainly can look pretty cool, and the fact this place is nowhere near a notable town or city is even better IMO.

  2. Cool stuff there Toneman!

    Yep there are some talented street artists out there eh!

    Every time you go to the Freo Power station the art is totally different!

    • hey Mark – yeah that place looks pretty awesome to me. It sounds a bit like some of the alley/laneways in Melb city in that regard.

  3. Nice capture of some Nice Street Art

  4. Nice urban landscape Tony.

  5. Awesome mate, heading down the altered landscape road?

    • hey Tom – thanks and more so I’ve just always enjoyed shooting odd and interesting things as well as wilderness/landscapes.
      I hope you had a great Easter mate.

  6. Ouch!

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