The Hidden door…

You’ve got to be amazed seeing a huge wall like this covered in ivy, turning every shade from green to magenta. Upon closer inspection I discovered that there’s a window in there…. and a door as well !

‘ the hidden door ‘


~ by Tony Middleton on April 18, 2011.

14 Responses to “The Hidden door…”

  1. Waycool mate…go back and get it again when the colours have turned some more!

  2. Awesome shot there Tony love those autumn colours mate.

  3. Nice find Tone.

  4. Nice one Tony, great colours.

  5. Wowsa, nice capture. Love the glow too, colours are really solid too. Reminds me of something out of a fairy tale, like there is some special hidden world behind that door. Beaut.

    • hi Jeremy – great analogy about a fairytale there, I can really relate to that.

  6. reminds me of the secret garden, really beautiful

  7. Beautiful colours Tony, I like the door and window it just breaks it up that little bit.

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