Last light…

The last sun rays of a clear autumn day cast their long shadow across the landscape before making way for the chill of night. I opted for a 4:1 long ratio pano for this to include the line of poplar trees and illustrate the broader scene.


‘ last light ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on April 13, 2011.

8 Responses to “Last light…”

  1. Very nice Tony, love the low angle light!

  2. although i’ve never really understood how ratio’s work, i appreciate the wide view and the stunnning scape you’ve captured

    • hi Chloe, this one is 4:1, therefore it’s width is 4 times it’s height Which ever dimensions you make it).For example it may be 4000px wide by 1000px high or 16000px wide by 4000px high – the proportions remain constant. I hope that helps.


  3. I like that the tree tops are in frame on this one Tony, nice light too!

    • Cool Ben – in fact that is what I feel with this type of light too, it has a real ‘cool’ air tone as well.

  4. Looks very old school mate!

    • Cheers Markie – yep very old school…in fact this is where the third ever settlement was made in Victoria !

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