Now I’m not talking chooks, I’m not even talking photoshop layers… Here it is sedimentary layers !

‘ Layers ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on April 11, 2011.

18 Responses to “Layers…”

  1. I love these slow exposure seascapes. Nice work.

  2. Nice one Tony.

  3. Looks good Tony,great tones and contrasts!

  4. Great shot mate, nice light too.

  5. Neat formations Tony. Love the shutter speed on this one. Everything works together really well. Nice capture.

  6. Great shot mate. More proof that simple compositions are often the best.

    • thanks Jamie – yeah often they do, it took some effort to able to position myself to be able to get it down to this, so great to hear the feedback.

  7. Very nice Tony.

  8. Your best for a while mate…Schweeeeeet!

  9. Yep a great simple seascape that works well.
    Really like it Tone

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