Serpent rock…

I love this rock outcrop and last photographed it about 5 years ago, so it was time to pay it another visit and see what I could come up with. It’s orientation doesn’t allow for any special light to illuminate the beast, so the deader flat light of this overcast day was chosen to give me a better chance of obtaining a nicer exposure.

‘ Serpent rock ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on April 10, 2011.

10 Responses to “Serpent rock…”

  1. Great detail and composition in this one Tony, I like the chunky panorama crop too:)

  2. Thanks Ben – yeah this one just wouldn’t work as 3:1, so off to chunk chunk land it was destined 🙂

  3. Nice shot Tony, I love the textures and long exposure, could almost be from the south coast of NSW.

  4. Beautiful shot, the water effect is very nice and it really works well in black and white.

    • Welcome to the blog Kieran, stoked you like it mate and thanks for the comment !

  5. A very aptly named rock there son!

    Sweet shot as well!

    • Thanks Mark – yeah it really looks like its rising up from the sea and ready to strike at something :-O

  6. beautiful!

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