Squeaky beach boulders…

Here’s an image from a little while ago of the majestic lichen encrusted boulders that greet you at Squeaky beach at the Prom. If you haven’t been here before, these gorgeous boulders leap out of the pure white sand as a tiny creek meanders its way around them to the enticing baby blue coloured waters. You stand on the beach and all around you is wilderness from the mountains rising up to almost 800m with their forests and huge granite faces to majestic island groups out to sea.

It looks like the prom will be open for Easter after the recent devastating floods that damaged infrastructure and facilities at Tidal river, Took out part of the bridge over Darby River (the only road in or out of the Prom) and landslips destroyed the Mt Oberon carpark road so heavily it may never be re-opened. 370mm in 24hrs can do that !

‘ Squeaky beach boulders ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on April 4, 2011.

10 Responses to “Squeaky beach boulders…”

  1. I forgot how amazing the prom is, this photo makes me want to go back there……….it’s been so many years.

  2. Awesome colours mate, love the sky

    • cheers AB – initially it looked like being pretty crap but turned out not to bad which is great šŸ™‚

  3. Nice Tony, love the simplicity!

  4. Nice and peaceful image, great colour!

  5. Neat image Tony. Really cool rocks and the striations are neat too.. The subdued pastels really do make this a relaxing image.. I need to make a trip out your way I think.


    • thanks Jeremy – yeah it’s an awesome, diverse and vast country – so much to see and do šŸ™‚

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