the sleeping tree…

I’ve been very busy lately with a few projects so haven’t had a chance to post for a while, but I do have a number of new images to keep things rolling on here. Thanks everyone for your continual interest and support in my work and blog here. As I start to rebuild my portfolios I then hope to gather enough material for another website – now there is a project to chew up a heap of time !

In the interim here is a new image of a classic old mangrove, the detail in the full resolution image is brilliant. To me it really looks like this old timer is laying about and having a snooze.

‘ The sleeping tree ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on April 3, 2011.

15 Responses to “the sleeping tree…”

  1. Great image Tony, nice soft color and reflection.

  2. Peaceful image Tony, great colour.

  3. Hey Tony yet another great shot. Would you ever consider getting rid of those two man made lights on the right of the trees at all?



    • G’day Jamie,
      Firstly thanks mate, I did toy with the idea to be honest, thinking they could feel a bit distracting or the only un natural element in the image, but I also liked their reflections, so I guess my jury is still out on them. I may have a play at removing them and seeing which I prefer.


  4. Classic alright Tone… This one’s a gem. Beautiful and surreal.

    • Hey Dave, yeah I think it’s great to have a variety of seascape scenery.

  5. Laying around enjoying that sunset! Nice.

  6. Nice mood in this shot I reckon keep the lights they add a bit of mystery as to what the lights actually are and good to see you up and shooting again.

    • hey Darren,
      Thanks for your comment mate, I like the colour of them too..

  7. Hi Tony brilliant image – great soothing and peaceful feeling to it! Is this shot taken at Anderson’s Inlet in Venus Bay? Looks very familar!

    • hi Ric,
      thanks for the comment mate – I think I know where you may be referring to, this is a different spot.


  8. Ken eh mate….ken eh! Scheeeeet!

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