sandstone and water…

The last warming rays of summer caress the weathered sandstone cliffs in a loving embrace on what is normally a pretty wild coastline.

‘ warm embrace ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 28, 2011.

18 Responses to “sandstone and water…”

  1. Cool image Tony, I really like what you can see under the water in this one.

  2. Nice Tone, you get wet again you mad bastardo?

  3. Nice on Tone. Very unusual rock formations,

  4. a very calm feel to this photo Tony, the water appears very gentle

  5. Great image there tone, huge fan of coastal formations with misty water movement, ethereal indeed cheers Adrian

  6. Damn! What a sweet shot mate. Serene light and the fact that you can see into the water just does it for me.


  7. You need any more warming rays over there mate…we have heaps to go round…this summer just keeps on keeping on eh!

    Nice shot to buddy!

    • hey Mark – Yeah the SW has (is still) having a great long summer ! I think you guys have not only had your own usual great summer but everyone else’s as well !
      enjoy 🙂

  8. Great shot Tony, I too love the misty water and the fact that you can see what’s under it. I love long exposures with the water, I don’t know what it is about misty water that just grabs me, I can’t help it.

    • hi Andrea,
      I think as people or even life on earth most of us have an affinity or attraction with water. It seems to have not only life giving properties but soothing,relaxing or energising our souls. Now I’m getting deep…


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