Prom pastels…

Another recent image from the prom, I wanted to incorporate the large round boulder that had cracked in half (centre right of frame) into the composition as well as the point and Norman Island. This boulder really caught my eye as it was one of very few with the orange/red lichen on it in this area, so to get all these elements together I found myself scaling some large boulders and perching extremely awkwardly on and acute angle to shoot. Initially in this smaller web version it may not be as prominent as with the larger file/print.  Also the soft pastel hues and that awesome prom coloured water add to the scene.

‘ Prom pastels ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 22, 2011.

15 Responses to “Prom pastels…”

  1. Cool shot Tone, nice pastel colours.
    Tad wet down your way I hear, it will be interesting to see if the Prom will be open for easter, much damage in your location?

    Stay safe.


  2. Nice work, when was it taken? I was on down on those rock of Saturday night working with the full moon.

  3. Very nice Tony, the lichen covered rocks contrast nicely with the blue water.

  4. Brilliant mate love the long exposer on the water.

  5. You have been busy mate! NIce colours in here as well!

    • Thanks Mark !
      Yeah still posting mate – not quite as prolifically as yourself though ! Blogland seems to have slowed down a bit without our little bud on the scene though…

  6. Another lovely shot Tony.

  7. yep, some fine work yet again mate

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