The golden path…

With the sun breaking the horizon the magical golden light it emitted spectacularly illuminated this series of boulders which I utilised during a tidal surge.

‘ The golden path ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 18, 2011.

20 Responses to “The golden path…”

  1. Wow Tony, this is stunning mate. Beautiful light and well processed. Really interesting view.

  2. Very nice Tony!

  3. even better then the last one Tony, which is saying something!!! 😀
    bit short on words to be honest lol. awesome work!

    • Thanks Stephen – great to read you like it so much !
      Yeah I was too tired to write much… i could (and sometimes probably should) add more literature with the posts, but that would mean less posts and less images… hrmmm

      cheers, 🙂

  4. Fantastic image Tony, love the light and reflection.

    • Thanks Ben ! That was the only light on the last wk… Maybe something to work with over the w/e though 🙂

  5. Hey Tony,

    Daniel Kalnins here (from Friday morning’s shoot) – looks very familiar! Really love this shot and actually took me a second to recognise it.

    Anyway, hopefully catch up for another shoot soon.

    • hey Daniel,
      Great to meet you mate, Thanks for taking time to check out and comment on this one. We’ll definitely catch up again sometime soon.

  6. Hey Tony, great colour and light. Fantastic timing. Only one little nit from me and its not too big, its the path of rocks in the centre of the image. I would like just a bit more room below for breathing room on the stone. But like I said that’s minor. It truly is a great capture.

  7. Very cool location Tony, well captured, great golden colours.

  8. Hi Tony. I love the subject and composition, just wish had interesting stuff like that here. That golden light is sensational.


  9. Yep from me as well mate!

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