paradise perfect…

How sweet and idyllic does this spot look ? I had fun in and out of the water, I could have also spent all day shooting wave images like this one, the ‘bend’ in the line was really cool as it interacted with the pure white sandbars.Well I think it is gorgeous anyway and I’m real happy with an image such as this to remember the day with.

‘ paradise perfect ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 7, 2011.

21 Responses to “paradise perfect…”

  1. Brilliant shot Tony, the colour in the water is awesome! where was this shot taken??

    • Thanks Cleggy – there’s a few places in a few states that have this magic, and the prom is VIc’s 🙂

  2. It truly looks like paradise. The color of the water is almost otherworldly. I wish I could get inside the picture and spend a day there.

  3. Looks pretty nice Tony,like the different angle!

  4. Ohhhh, that’s what I missed. WOW! The prom is just lovely eh?

  5. That water color is great Tony, love the line of the wave too. I think a crop of just the water would work nice also.

    • You’re spot on Ben and that is exactly what I set out to do, but of all the shots that I took I liked the added wilderness feel of this one in it’s full frame.

  6. Hey Tony,

    Great shot mate. I love the shape and colour of the water. It would be great to see a crop with a little less land featured in it.


    • hey Jamie – thanks for the comment mate, I played about with various crops but settled with this full frame and the wilderness feel with the forest and massive granite slab on the mountain side.


  7. Yep, title sums it up beautifully mate. What a place that is, especially on those cracking days.

  8. Hi Tony,

    I’ve heard so much about you from all the guys so here I am checking out your blog and you shots are awesome. I love the colour of the water and the shape of the waves it’s simply stunning.

    • Hi Andrea,
      Welcome to my blog, thank you for the kind words and checking it out, I hope you find the time to follow it a bit more. I had lots of fun just sitting up there playing around with shooting the water and different wave perspectives.

      all the best,
      tone 🙂

      • Hi Tony,
        I sure will be checking it out, I have subscribed so I’ll be able to keep up to date, not that it means I’ll be able to comment on everything but I can sometimes. It gets hard to keep up with everyone’s blogs but I’m getting the hang of it and really enjoying the blogging community.
        Lucky you, I am hoping to have a go at a helicopter shoot sometime in the future Jamie so that will be great. I don’t have a clue what to do really but I figure you just gotta get in there and have a go.

  9. Thanks Andrea – I hope you enjoy following the blog.
    Where will you be doing the chopper flight ? It certainly is a fantastic way to get about and see things !

    all the best,

  10. wonderful indeed Tony. you know you’re at a magic place when you can stand on the beach and see the horizon through the wave itself. this sure looks like one of those places. love that curve of the wave!

    reminds me of a shot I took in Esperance. I waited and kept shooting for a good 45min to get the wave I was after before finally getting it. in processing the days images I couldn’t choose between that image, or an identical composition without the wave. So put it to my workmates when I got back to work….. and of coarse they chose without the wave. also had sales of that image too…. and non of the one with the wave hahaha 😛
    but still the wave image is my favorite, I know what I put in to get it, and it also brings back the memories for me of sitting up on the rock, waiting and taking it all in

    • Great story Stephen – You are spot on with waiting for ‘the right wave’, I was playing about for about an hour shooting these ones. Regardless of the banks, every wave was a different size, different sets, wash backs, peaky swell etc – the list was endless but enjoyable all the same ! Stoked you like it too…


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