surging gustfront…

An old 6×17 image of a thunderstorm gustfront surging across the lush spring pastures of the South Gippsland coastal fringe a few years ago.

‘ surging gustfront ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on March 1, 2011.

22 Responses to “surging gustfront…”

  1. Great shot. Reminds me of the summer thunderstorms that I used to see in Texas.

    • cheers Mike – you’d see even better than this over there ! thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Jeeze you’re good at those storm shots mate!

  3. Aaawwww come on mate now your just showing off! how can my little storm compete with that! Great shot Tony keep them coming.

    • thanks Ben – nothing wrong with that Karatha storm you photographed mate – very juicey !


  4. great shot and ominous cloud formation!

  5. That is a mean looking mother heading your way!

    • Hey Tim – yeah it was better than average even though it posed some difficulties to chase and get in good positions with.


  6. just keep rubbing it in don’t ya haha. can’t wait to see one of these babies with my own eyes! 😀
    great shot man, nice one to get back in your hands 🙂

    • Yeah mate – it’s all a ploy just to shit you and cleggy ! 😉 Nah – more so the weather and conditions have been so crummy and boring lately here that I haven’t been able to shoot anything new so sharing a few older images. 🙂


  7. amazing image! that storm cloud looks so ominous!

  8. Crikey, that is impressive mate. Glad that you are getting some images back.

  9. That looks intense Tone. Hows the grey and green contrast! Did you get soaked? 🙂

    • hey Mat – eventually I did when I got to the ‘end of my line’ and was on foot to a lookout.


  10. Fantastic Tony. You really are showin some pretty sweet weather shots recently. Perfect 😀

  11. this is killer mate bloody awesome

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