lone tree…

An image from another land… a land altered by fire…

‘ the lone tree ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on February 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “lone tree…”

  1. Nice one Tone!

  2. the colour contrast is superb, makes me wonder why this tree suffered more than any of the others.

    • hi Cain,
      Great to see you back, I’m not sure exactly why but maybe it’s bark was thinner or newer growth, but the colour in contrast to the blackened and still smouldering forest was incredible.

  3. Awesome Tony, that tree looks like it’s made of lava !

    • hey Flemming – yeah it was amazing…[perhaps the heat brought the sap through the wood more and once the bark peeled off that was revealed… ?

  4. Good image of the aftermath of a devastating event! Thankfully the bush seems to be recovering pretty well.

  5. Stunning image – it shows how brutal mother nature can be

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