snow gum mist…

Another image from up the mountains last w/e. The brilliantly coloured and almost luminous four branched speciman in the foreground caught my eye amidst the forest and mist.


‘ snow gum mist ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on February 13, 2011.

8 Responses to “snow gum mist…”

  1. great mood again Tony. reminds me very much of the images of bamboo stems, but a nice Aussie twist 🙂

    with your previous post, I agree! where is it haha. Been a week now with us not over 40, most under 35, overcast and rain. next week is all under 35, and even down to 28!! not quite what I was expecting up here haha. the Fortescue is pumping though, dam pretty bloody full, and more rain predicted this week. still pretty cool to see it in this state. I’ll have plenty of time to see it hot and dry lol

    • hey stephen,
      I dunno mate… maybe only the SW gets a summer this year ? Make the most of the unique conditions up there… you may never live there again.


  2. Great image…it has a cinematic quality and also is refreshing to me to see something green this time of year!

    • hi Kristy – welcome to my blog and I’m thrilled that you enjoy this image and have commented. It’s great to see the contrast in fertility and seasons isn’t it.

  3. Great image Tony, nice color and mood in this one.

    • hey Ben – cheers mate… During shooting I initially thought that this one would be pick of the bunch, but I think I like the ‘Twisted beauty’ one better 🙂

  4. beautiful mate

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