Apostle storm…

I had planned this particular trip around an approaching trough and hoped of getting some dramatic light at a minimum. The impeding weather also meant that I was lucky enough to have the entire area to myself, which is not that common as some of you may know. The timing of the arrival of this band of storms was so close to being perfect for what I had hoped as the light rose from the east behind me. It only takes a little bit of cloud in the wrong spot at the wrong time and the light won’t occur in all it’s brilliantly coloured glory. On this occasion though there is the back up plan of at least the sky has character and mood. I thought this one may look more effective as a B&W.


‘ Apostle storm ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on February 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “Apostle storm…”

  1. The back and white is the go alright, gives the image drama and definition for sure. Would look great printed on canson baryta photographique.

  2. Looks pretty good and dramatic Tony! What does the colour file look like?

    • Cheers Tim – the colour file is dominated by those pre-dawn/dawn blue hues, which looked good but left the cliff etc looking flat and colourless in comparison.

  3. You will just have to use some magic PS skills and see if you can finesse something out of it. I think it would come up ok!

  4. great mood indeed Tony. Love the sense of movement

    • Cheers Stephen πŸ™‚
      Go for it Tim – I find it’s always a good option to explore when I’m at a dead end.

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