Snow gum hut…

After the heat and bushfires earlier in the week, this moisture from ex Tropical cyclone Anthony was advected down in conjunction with an approaching cold front. This brought flooding rains to many parts of the state. Notable falls were Red Cliffs near Mildura in the far NW with 240mm of which over 100 fell in a couple of hours (annual ave is just under 300mm).  From Melbourne’s bayside suburbs through to West Gippsland saw fall of 100-180mm friday night-Sat. morning bringing widespread flooding through suburbs and agricultural districts. Also Rocky valley near Falls creek ended up with over 200mm.

After this moist rainband was pushed through by the approaching cold front a rather vigorous cold pool (for Feb) moved in and snow was falling in the parts of the alps by Sunday – what a week !  So I shot this image below where there was a bit of snow built up from the flurries against the hut and trees.

As we know there was also Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi which lashed and smashed parts of FNQ and devastating bushfires destroying around 70 homes around Perth in WA during the week.

‘ Snow gum hut ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on February 9, 2011.

12 Responses to “Snow gum hut…”

  1. Cool story and great shot mate…that light is just to die for eh!

  2. strange days indeed. 195mm for us. nice shot btw, what was further off to the left? Think that a 3:1 may work better?

    • hi AB – yeah you guys were bound to do better out of that system (and this one coming) than us.
      Crap to the left, crap to the right – hence a 2:1 ratio here 🙂

  3. Nice Tony, very moody.

  4. It has been a weird period of weather for sure! have you read about the Indian Ocean Di-Pole? Kind of like SOI but on the other side of the continent. Very interesting!
    Nice image!

    • hey Tim,
      No I haven’t read about it for the current season, what’s it fluctuating at presently ?
      thanks 🙂

      • To cut a long story short La Nina and the Indian Ocean Dipole are at their wettest phases coincidentally. SE Aus weather is influenced by the Di-Pole while Most of E Aus is influenced by the La NIna. Hence the large amount of rain during spring and early summer.

      • thanks for the explanation Tim.

  5. the weather here is very scary at the moment
    we were driving in the rain last friday night when the storm hit 😦

    anyways, gorgeous photo

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