damn close !

This is not a great image at all but more of a continuation of the story from my last post.

This is a random bolt from the storm as it decayed into a thundery rain band. By this stage I knew it was flattening out, but I felt that it had one last random CG in it as can often be the case in this situation. So I kept shooting, and sure enough it did !  Right  in the middle of the frame too. The only problem been, it was 500m away maximum and blew the frame completely. I had only made minor exposure increment adjustments since the last notable strikes (see previous post). So suffice to say I was not expecting one to pop this close from this storm at that point… The instant gun-crack shook everything including my adrenaline..

‘ damn close ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on February 7, 2011.

8 Responses to “damn close !”

  1. That looks close! As an image I like the blown out look, might look sweet as a B&W.

    • hey Ben,
      Yeah it was damn close ! just beyond the low tide line in fact. Made me do the 800m run back to the car in the pouring rain even faster.
      Cool idea with the B&W, I’ll give it a go when I get a chance.


  2. Whoooooa!!!

  3. mad dog

  4. Cool story and shot mate….now who would have thought that photography would have been rated as an Adrenalin sport eh!

    I’ll have you jumping out at 14,000 ft yet mate! 🙂

    • I hope someone out there gets something out of meteorology notes with some of these images.
      haha -but when you combine it with other things, in this case stormchasing it can be extremely adrenalin related… On big planned chases that come off you can find yourself not only contending with lightning, but LARGE hail, flying branches/debri, zero visibility,flash flooding etc etc
      Have done a number of fairly ‘exciting’ things in the past but yeah to jump from a working plane – probably wouldn’t say no to a tandem someday.

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