TC Yasi’s eye…

Whilst this post may not contain any of my own photography, but those who know me are more than well aware that I have always had a strong interest in meteorology and the earth sciences. Some of the bloggers out there may not have the links to some of the more amazing satellite image sites.

Hopefully everyone in FNQ remains safe and property loss and damage is not too heavy – But a cat.5 is a cat.5 and TC Yasi is a beast.

After seeing the damage several months later from TC Larry 5years ago (Officially high Cat.4, but with unofficial wind gaugings over 300km/h) in almost the exact came area I can only image what is about to be unleashed by mother nature there as I type. With Yasi’s movement looking to be slowing in the last couple of hours (after maintaining a somewhat cracking pace of 30-35km/h for the last couple of days), this *could* potentially lead to slight fluctuations in movement and exact landfall. Yasi’s eye is so big and the destructive wind area vast, at this stage variation may be minimal.

There will be plenty of incredible images over the coming days and some of the detailed MODIS satellite images of Yasi will be amazing of which I’ll add to this post when they become available. Until then check out the depth and breadth of the eye wall in this.

‘ Tropical Cyclone Yasi – MTSAT-2 ‘


‘ click image for a full resolution 7MB image ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on February 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “TC Yasi’s eye…”

  1. A beast pretty much sums it up hey! What a massive storm. Not sure if you remember- but when did this one form? I know it was bouncing around well out in the middle of the Pacific for quite some time, growing in strength and then weakening again until a week ago it suddenly decided it wanted to head back towards Oz.

    Correct me if i’m crazy for thinking it- but do you think it returning to Oz had something in some way or form, to do with Bianca being so strong and getting as far down South as it did? It was around the same time that Bianca was sucking a tonne of moisture across from NE Aus across the middle to the SW, that all of a sudden Yasi changed it’s mind and headed along the path it’s currently on. Coincidence do you think?

    But certainly glad i’m not in the path of this thing! It’s nearly the size of QLD itself!

  2. Hey Stephen,
    Yasi began as convective activity around the 27th well out N-NE of Vanuatu, so it never came from here. I don’t think Yasi was overly influenced by Bianca (I may be wrong). More so the monsoon trough is/has been in an active phase.It is not uncommon for Australia to experience ‘twin TC’s’ during an active phase. Simultaneously one on each coast or oven ove rthe top-end. If you want to see/keep an eye on where moisture is being advected and drawn through the atmosphere check the water vapour satellite images and loops – pretty handy !
    You can check out this little timelapse sat.loop that some one has put together from the 28th-midday 2nd feb.

    hope that helps 🙂

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