Silent forest II…

A bit of a summer heat finally arriving in the SE of the country. My previous post will look very tantilising to many over the coming few days-week (especially those in Melb). I just got from the beach and look forward to a fare bit of time in the water over the coming days. Meanwhile, although now weakening, severe TC Bianca is maintaining a very impressive forecast track map. Should be some big surf and possibly photogenic skies ahead for all our WA’lien bloggers over the next 2-3days ! For those of you on the east coast to give an idea of the latitude ‘she’ is at presently, Cat.3 at the equivalent of Maroochydore ! With Perth to the SW corner on a TC watch for gales within 24-48hrs which doesn’t happen ‘too’ often.

So on a cooler tone, I thought that I would put up another image from the ‘Silent forest’ shoot. This one includes a slightly lower point of view in the foreground with the ground included with some snow lining some of the logs and branches.

‘ Silent forest II ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on January 29, 2011.

7 Responses to “Silent forest II…”

  1. Nice image mate, but I fund the foreground stick a bit distracting…but maybe in full size it will look OK?

    • Hey Markie – I think it kinda of works larger as you see the detail and texture in the branches and snow etc.
      How did you go this afternoon/evening with those storms or dramatic light ?


  2. Earlier in the week the thought crossed my mind that the SW may get hit, but I dismissed it thinking- nah, no way, it’ll weaken too much by then and they’ll get a bit of rain and maybe a bit of wind lol. Been an exciting week watching it develop though. I just find it fascinating that one system is affecting nearly the whole country right now!

    In saying that….. i’m a bit disappointed that I come up here for some storms, and then a nice one decides to visit down there after skipping right past us hahaha. Although we nearly got wiped off the map last night by a beauty. Just an isolated storm but it sure packed a punch, made a bit of a mess of town that’s for sure.

    I’m gona have to figure out a way to get you over here Tony, pass off some of that weather knowledge of yours haha. Fascinates me, I love it and try to study it, but it’s only then that I realise I know pretty much nothing at all lol. Gota love that BOM site though, Elders and also Skippy are others I check out nearly everyday. You got any others you recommend for someone happy to try and confuse themselves learning? 😀

    • Hey Stephen,
      Yeah the SW won’t get a ‘whole’ lot from it… (Cat.1 is ‘only’ 100km/h winds), but interesting all the same. This is more about the organisation/integrity as a system to maintain that at such high latitudes from being a tropical system.
      Isolated/scattered storms are your go there Stephen, if you get ‘lucky’ you may score a TC or remnants of… that will be your biggest rainfall event. To be honest though, such a system itself may not be overly photogenic in comparison to some nice storms.
      Sounds like you did get nailed there mate – nothing like a good storm to get everyone having a look in awe… very humbling.

      I’d love to get back up the NW mate ! Still in recovery mode down here ($$$) after events late last year at this stage. Somehow I will return though.
      As for websites, there are many informative and educational ones out there. I generally only use a few unless it is a system of great interest or if i plan to chase properly (ie multi day interstate chase dedicated trip). So the basics are BoM, Weatherzone and BSCH (all of which pull model data from various sources and display it differently). Email me if you would like to know more , specifics and I’ll do my best to help you out.

      happy sky gazing !
      T 🙂

      • Yeah that’s it. Don’t think i’d want a direct hit from a cyclone haha- but a good bit of rain from a deteriorated one would be nice, more for the experience then for photos of the storms. And that’s one of the very things i’ve found so far- alot of the storms (well the clouds anyway) lately have been too big. It’s funny how I’ll be in town, it looks like the edge of the cloud is just out of town but it just never seems to come closer haha. So no good for photography anyway.

        Always great to experience a good storm though- don’t get enough of them back down in Perth lol

  3. It was a bit dull actually mate!

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