silent forest…

A bit more of an abstract feel about this image, or some may even tilt it towards the ‘altered landscape’ bucket…

Mountain ash forest fried from from bushfires standing starkly in the mist, a silent but visual reminder of the power of fire and nature.


‘ Silent forest ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on January 25, 2011.

6 Responses to “silent forest…”

  1. Nice image Toneman. I also like the earinessof fire ravaged areas and you have captured it well.

  2. Wow Tony, a very powerful image.

  3. great shot Tony. definitely more of an abstract image. I like it, really nicely done.

    my votes on this one over the pan. lot more simplistic, I think I was “unsettled” a bit visually by the tree’s on either side of the pan. they drew my attention as oppose to framing the image as such. this image is very pleasing for me πŸ™‚ quite a contrast to what the actual subject matter is haha

    • hey Stephen,
      It’s funny how it works out sometimes isn’t it… In this case I originally saw the scene as a square BW. and I recall shooting a stitch for that purpose, But shot it as a pan to cover all bases… then thought – hey look at those tress framing it – hang on they are distracting…that’s a bit odd – yes stick with the square concept.

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