6 of 6…

This image may not be as rare for me to ‘get’ as many others, in fact it’s only a relatively short drive from home and shot in the middle of the day. But it’s from a place that no matter where I have traveled in Australia or abroad that I love to get home and return to. The ‘prom’ is a world class park and one of the oldest national parks in the country. Anyone who has been there will see why, and it is no wonder it has a special place in so many Victorian’s hearts. Every state of our wonderful country has a myriad of special things to see and do and this is one of them. Sometimes I feel (especially when living up north) that the stunning beauty and paradise like nature of my home region in particular gets overlooked,unheard or ignored, but I can’t ignore it. I love waiting until after the holiday periods and the place quietens down, then picking my days such as this one for a visit.

Just look at this crystal clear electric blue water !  The white sand and jaw dropping wilderness scenery at every single bearing of the compass from where you stand. I LOVE this place. Mountains rising to 800m, rainforest gullies, and a plethora of incredible islands dotting the horizon.

‘Prom paradise – Vic ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “6 of 6…”

  1. Nice mate, plenty of spots to get away from the crowds down there on even the best summers day. The Prom is hard to beat but every state has it’s own special place, this is ours and it is magnificent. Whenever I leave I’m always thinking of the next trip.

    • hey Andrew – having grown up in the region I, like many others know about the space available at the prom – it’s brilliant. Somedays I prefer not to hike 10-20 + km’s to be in paradise without a crowd. Days like this, I head down in the arvo and can be home for dinner. Just because places like Squeaky aren’t a hike in and can get a lot more people in peak times, does not make the spot any less beautiful in it’s own right. On days such as I mention and pictured above it is deadset divine.
      It’s just a gorgeous place 🙂

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