kangaroo valley…

This one is an image from up on the plateau of the NSW southern highlands. Amongst the mist and trees the upper reaches over Kangaroo valley have been gouged out by watercourses over millions of years. This particular morning I waited for a gap in the mist to shoot this vista with the spectacular rock face and the lush fertile valley below.


‘ Kangaroo Valley – NSW ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on January 21, 2011.

14 Responses to “kangaroo valley…”

  1. Nice moody shot mate!

  2. Great shot Tony, agree with Mark very moody.

  3. Nice Tony, I reckon a bit of lightening on that cliff face would work well.

    • thanks Tim – As I/this area was completely shrouded in mist It’s already been done a lot to get it to where it is.
      cheers 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful shot. (And it brings back a few too many memories of hair-raising car trips down the sides of the valley!)

    • I can imagine so, as there are some arrow windy roads in the area ! You survived though 🙂

  5. bloody beautiful Tony, my kind of image! 🙂 takes me there, like I was hiking along the cliff myself. great work man 🙂

  6. Wicked shot Tony, very atmospheric!

  7. Nice one mate, it is stunning country, if you are ever up there again I recommend a kayaking trip up Tallowa Dam on the Shoalhaven River, towering cliffs either side, and a lot of Bass in there.

    • Thanks for the tip Tom – sounds like a fun morning/day that is for sure ! I noticed there was a lot of canoe/kayak hire at Kangaroo valley as well. 🙂

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