Star trail ruins…

This is the last frame that I got to take with my Fuji 6×17 before it was stolen. It is one of about 4images that is all I have left from 2 trips to Lake Eyre, Flinders ranges and SA deserts in 2010. This film was away getting processed until December so it’s great to have this image still ! Though I do miss the old girl.. This was a 6 hour exposure and I painted in the ruins with a 10million candle power spotlight.

β€˜Star trail ruins – SA’




~ by Tony Middleton on January 9, 2011.

10 Responses to “Star trail ruins…”

  1. it’s a great shot! i want to try this out one night
    is it hard to achieve? even if it is, i’ll still try ha πŸ™‚

    • thanks Chloe ! This one is a single frame on film, to do it with digi you basically need to take heaps of exposures and digitally stack them. Either way get out there and have a go πŸ™‚

  2. Nice o9ne Tony, always liked star trail shots. Good thing that roll of film was away getting developed!

    • hey Tim,
      Yeah I’m pretty happy with this one, there was another half completed roll in the camera from the trip which is obviously gone now, but this would look insane large !


  3. Cracker (in the words of Mark) – really like this.

  4. Wow Tony, Fantastic image mate!

  5. Awesome mate, and great work with the painting too, did well not to over expose it.

    • Hey Tom – thanks mate, I think it probably comes down to experience and educated guess work with that stuff (for myself with film anyway).
      tone πŸ™‚

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