3 of 6…

Here’s another image that I have retrieved from the Lab… A popular scene but my own take on it…


‘ Burra silver – SA ‘



~ by Tony Middleton on December 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “3 of 6…”

  1. Great shot Tony, the light on the hills and hut is sweet.

    • Thanks Ben – it was a pig of a day with gusty showers whipping through, stoked that I waited for that light too 🙂

  2. Nice Tony, as Ben says, the light on the hills makes the image!

    • Totally Tim – I knew that i wouldn’t be getting any of that awesome ‘outbackish’ warm type light that day, so I though about other ways it could work and be unique.

      thanks 🙂

  3. Very nice image Tone

  4. Certainly a bonus retrieving that image mate!

  5. Nice light, nothing beats rustic objects.

  6. very nice image Tony, bit delayed sorry- been a busy week lol.
    love the B/W, and scattered light. The illuminated clouds to the left make it for me. Lovely shot!

    • Seasons greetings Stephen 🙂
      thanks mate – yeah sometimes those crappy days can have some magic too 🙂

      all the best in 2011 !

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