here it is…

After what has been a pretty shitty month for me on many fronts I’d like to take this opportunity to clear a few things up and thank all you wonderful friends and generous people that we have in this blogging community.

Around a month ago I returned home from a week in SEQ and NSW with my great friend Ben (he has just got a blog going so check it out !). I got home around 8pm on a sunday night and wanted to be a really good boy so I went and got all my HD’s from various places to begin my triplicate back ups of about 70GB of work… as we know this can take for ever.. I set the first one up and went to bed, got up bright and early for work and set up the next one and left for work… It appears my house was broken into (locks picked – unforced entry… I wont go into this and insurance policies…) within an hour of me leaving. I know my house was totally locked because I systematically checked it all before going interstate the week before and I had only came in and out of the one door that I know I locked behind me. So this is why all my HD’s were in the one spot – as they need to be to be backed up !  Besides… who hides everything they own within their house everytime they go out ?

Basically as most of you know I lost a hell of a LOT of items,gear and images !

Now if ever there is a guy that makes things happen it is Mark Stothard !  Mark got wind of this from a post on Andrew Brown’s blog (AB and Ben Messina were the only two people in photography that I initially contacted in regards to the robbery). Form here Mark took it upon himself to get a fund together and all you fantastic people out there who have assisted ( i know who some of you are) I thank you immensely, those who I don’t, you also have the wonderful feeling of helping a fellow passionate photographer out – which is beautiful feeling in itself.

Your contributions have helped me get some 2nd hand digi gear so I can at least get back out there doing and experiencing what I (and most of us) love most. So once I get over some current health issues (lung /chest ,teeth and ear infections) – yep heaps of fun 🙂  I’ll be back out their shooting, hiking and rebuilding my portfolio’s like crazy !

These are some of the awesome people that I would like to thank in particular for their support ( in no preferential order) :

Mark Stothard,

Pete Dobre,

Ben Messina,

Andrew and Annette Brown,

Alison Kingston,

Mel Tschiderer,

Christian Fletcher,

Scott Anderson,

Neal Pritchard,

Travis Easton,

Jo Maver,

Andrew Macdonald,

Beau Mitchell,

Anthony Cornelius,

PLEASE support these awesome people and their work.I know there are many more of you out there that have also offered wonderful words of support and generosity – you are all appreciated immensely as well.

thank you,

Tony Middleton


~ by Tony Middleton on December 19, 2010.

10 Responses to “here it is…”

  1. You are most welcome Toneman! Had to get you back out there somehow dude!

  2. I’m hoping that 2011 will be MUCH better year for you mate. Look forward to catching up with you over Christmas, hopefully you’ll be well enough to head out for a shoot.

  3. good to see you’re on your way Tony. not a good run for you at all!
    Hopefully your health returns soon also. take care of yourself!

  4. Good to see you back mate, happy to help !

  5. Good stuff, Tone. Glad to help out!

    • Thanks Beau ! How has it gone with your 5DII ? I hope you have it back working now 🙂
      Have a great christmas and NYE !

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