hand held iPhone4 stitching…

Yep – this new phenomena is going to take the world by ‘storm’  !  Throw out all your fancy expensive DSLR’s and clunky Phase One’s ! Stitching iPhone images hand held and using a fence post, a thong and a set of car keys as a tripod to do timelapse footage IS THE FUTURE !

Well this is what I was reverted to for many weeks following the robbery… Of course over that duration we had heaps of insane twilights and plenty of spectacular storms ! And I just had to experience it even though I had nothing and have been devastated.

‘ Spectacular gustfront mauls down of the Sth Vic coastline – 6image handheld stitch iPhone4 (haha) ‘




~ by Tony Middleton on December 19, 2010.

15 Responses to “hand held iPhone4 stitching…”

  1. There is no holding a good man down mate…nicely done!

    • haha – nah mate… half a lung, a bung gob and exploding ear and armed with nothing more than a phone and I’m there !

  2. Nice image from a phone! I guess that desperate needs call for desperate deeds!

    • cheers Tim – that they do ! ( I will admit it was beyond frustrating not having my gear though ! )

      • Know what you mean, My 24-105L is on the blink and I am back on crutches!!
        All the best for Xmas & New Year!

      • Shit – that’s no good at all TIm ! I hope they get out all out and that your foot gets well soon. Bit of luck the 24-105 comes good just in time too.
        best of luck,
        tone 🙂

  3. Nice one Tony, you were right the iphone can do anything:)

  4. LOL .. i’ve been taking heaps of “photography” with my iphone4 🙂
    i actually captured a brillant shot only yesterday .. & i was using my cmera but turns out the iphone got the shot i wanted 🙂

    • hi Chloe – yeah they are a great tool to have on you and you can get some cool snapshots… have you got the PS app yet ? it’s a freebie…

  5. Awesome Tone, just proves that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer 🙂

    I will have a go at that iphone stitching, you have started a trend! 🙂

    • haha Flem, yeah it’s an option if an iPhone is all you have… can’t imagine it printing very big… 😉 The little HD timelapse video came up alright too…I’ll have to upload it sometime.

      I’ve also got another stitch of this to put together (when I can get the files) from my mate’s 450D that I borrowed after he was done shooting it… hand held again thoguh.


  6. Nice mate, I have an app on mine called Pano. It stiches them in the phone and does as good a job as photoshop on the stitch haha!!

    • haha – cool Matt ! the infinite world of apps 🙂 I’ll have to check it out sometime.
      tone 🙂

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