Outback thunderstorm…

With bumper rainfalls in most of the country this year (except WA and western SA) the outback is looking greener than I have ever seen it in my travels. Currently another system is dumping big totals again. I shot this image of a decaying possible supercell on the NSW NW slopes and plains this week. We would have loved to have been able to get closer to it when it was maturing in its most severe stage as a right mover near the outback towns of Walgett and Rowena but a lack of road networks kept us a touch further away than I would have liked.

β€˜ outback thunderstorm – NW slopes and plains NSW ’

~ by Tony Middleton on November 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Outback thunderstorm…”

  1. decaying is certainly the right choice of words Tony haha. looks like it would have been a beauty in it’s strongest stage though. still a nice shot though, and look at those greens! wow. bet ya there’s a few old timers out that way who haven’t seen it look like that for a while too. it’s looked good from this side anyway that the rivers have at least had a much needed wash out, and top up through the entire region too. as you pointed out in your post earlier this year I think- the Murray River was in a bad way, so this can only help it.

    and I know what you mean about the road systems haha. I have 2 roads to choose from from this location. 1 North/South, and one kinda NNE. very much limited me when I was able to chase those couple of storms we had last month. there’s lots of tracks leading off into the bush off the main roads, but that’s like winning the lottery to get one going the way you want lol. need to upgrade my GPS so i can head along the mazes and scout out a few of them for location for future shoots πŸ™‚

    • Hey Stephen, yes at this stage it has weakened significantly from it’s prior state of being a significant right mover, with a lovely raincore, RFB and updraughts with possible wallcloud. The damn road network just didn’t allow us to get as close as we would have liked at that stage though… but that’s chasing out west ! πŸ™‚
      Good luck with the season out there mate. The belated late development of the first heat low over the last week should have seen your temps get up near the norm for this time of the yr… (ie HOT). hahaa

      tone πŸ™‚

  2. Nice shot Tone, just need to blend in a lightning bolt to top it off.
    Only 25.6ml over the 2 days of rain here, but that will delay the fire season by another week, however the grass will love it 😦 so much mowing.

  3. You are the storm man Tone!

    Wanna find a few storms to come over our way…it is sooo dry over here now and it is only the start of summer! I flew back from PNG today and WA looks like something out of a Mad Mx movie scene!

  4. Hey Tone…I just read on Abscenes blog about some arsewipes stealing all your gear mate.

    I feel sick in the gut for you mate and will have a think about what we might be able to do to assist you through these tough times.

    Give me a call if you need a chat mate!

  5. Mate, sorry to hear about the gear! the bloggers will pull together and get you back on your feet. Lets hope with everyones eyes out there too we can find your gear and your images!

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