ruined light…

I love shooting this type of scene, I had scouted this particular composition the day before. It came down to a mad dash back there to make it for the light, leaving me to sprint up the hill to get there. Fortunately I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot it from and how otherwise I would have missed the light. These are the ruins from an old settlement that was first built around the 1870’s for memory.

‘ Strangways – SA ’


~ by Tony Middleton on November 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “ruined light…”

  1. Awesome wide open space and ruins go well together! I really must go to SA soon. Only thing here I wish for is the camera a bit lower so the ruins would go partly above the horizon. Having everything below the horizon sometimes makes the image a bit less dynamic I feel.

  2. G’day Flem (you get this greeting now you are in Aust) 🙂
    Interesting point Flemming and I generally concur, though here, lower meant being in a slight hollow (on top of a slight hill) and I wanted to express the vastness and arid plains/desert that stretch forever – therefore how stark it would be having a settlement there. Going lower would mean I’d miss that perspective completely at this location.

    Thanks for your input and thoughts as always 🙂

  3. Nice light mate, colour in the sky almost matches that of the ruins

  4. Yep…gotta love that early light eh mate!

    Your story reminds me of a number of early shoots of my own as well!

    Nice capture mate!

    • thanks Markie – I’m a sucker for those outback/desert tones. Hope your travel is done and you are in FNQ when you read this.

      tone 🙂

  5. Very nicely done Tony! I always wonder why people settle in places like this.

    • Thanks Tim – I know what you mean, whilst I find beauty in these places I would not be able to ever live there !

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