bounce that light baby !

I will often talk about light and it’s effects and different ways that I look out for it or like to use it. This image is a classic example of bounced light. On this particular day the sunset looked shot… destined never to do any of the things us landscape photographers love to see. I persisted though as I had noted the cloud cover, although thick, was not a complete 8/8 blanket and moving quite quickly and erratically due to the topographic setup this area. After much persistence this extremely brief  ‘window’ did open up, just enough for a squint of the setting sun’s light and warmth to hit the underneath of this cumulus deck. It appeared ‘seemingly’ out of nowhere, but more spectacularly was what it did to the landscape – this brief vivid lighting then bounced an incredible splash of colour and light on to the scene below it. There it was – I had my shot !  With in no time the clouds moved marginally between this lit up cloud base and the horizon and my window of light had it’s blinds closed.

‘ bounced light ’

~ by Tony Middleton on October 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “bounce that light baby !”

  1. Nice tones Tone! 🙂

  2. that is wonderful Tony! what a magic lightshow. I’ve never experienced a light ricochet anything like that! great composition too. the lead in is nice, and the orange clouds at the top of frame are amazing!

    • hey Stephen – This example of bounced light is probably one of the smallest most intense for it’s size I have witnessed myself.. pretty awesome.
      cheers mate 🙂

  3. Like it very much Tony!

  4. Wicked lightshow and a great display of patience. On days like these we can get maybe two to five seconds of magical light and hours of waiting are well worth it when you capture something this special.

    • very true Flem – not much special coloured light at all that trip… but plenty of fun regardless 🙂

  5. magical – very soft tones & fine details you captured
    hope you’re feeling better since our last chat 🙂

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