The snow forest…

Here is another image from last Saturday when mid October snowfalls were down to just over 500m ASL. This shot was taken at around the 700m ASL mark from the on the roof of my 4WD to get a vantage point.

‘ the snow forest  –  Vic. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on October 21, 2010.

16 Responses to “The snow forest…”

  1. Green ferns and snow, I don’t think that’s a common sight.

  2. that looks awesome mate love it i wish i was there with ya

  3. Real nice Tony …. Like it a lot not showing a lot of tree truck …

  4. wonderful image again Tony.
    what a sight!

  5. Hey Tony,

    Love this shot. Its serene providing a great sense of peace.


    • hey Jamie – yeah pretty peaceful place…plenty of lyrebirds going about their mimicry up there which is always awesome to see/hear.

  6. Another good shot of an unusual subject!

  7. Not something most people would ever get to see Tony, Great shot with really nice composition.

    • G’day Hodgy – yeah something a little different to the ‘normal’ snow shots… cheers 🙂

  8. Beautiful Tony. Great weather over there eh?

    • Cheers Dave – Usual spring in Vic… It can be 30C one day and snowing a few days later – very hormonal !

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