rainbow gold…

Going off with the blog lately and this morning in particular with 2 posts in the one day ! I thought that it would be appropriate to add in a beachy type image as there hasn’t really been many of late. I stumbled across this particular image whilst digging up the image for the previous post, it’s one I shot about 6months ago on the way to work one morning. I could see that the sky was about to go nuts so I made a quick detour from the job and rattled off a number of shots before returning. I love it when the sky has such strong vivid colour that it paints everything within it’s reach in a blaze of brilliance.

‘ Rainbow gold – Cape Paterson, Vic.  ’


~ by Tony Middleton on October 15, 2010.

10 Responses to “rainbow gold…”

  1. Fan-effin-tastic. By the way, your header? Awesome.

  2. Nice glow to this. Like it a lot.

  3. Hey Tony, I bet your glad you made the detour, imagine seeing this in your rearvision mirror ! accident waiting to happen;)

    • hey Adrian – yeah I was driving towards it (worked just around the corner from that shot at the time…I actually was making record time that morning…not for work though ! lol

  4. What a fantastic sky Tony, well captured – I agree on the golden glow, it is just magic when it happens.

  5. Cool sky bud for sure…can’t wait for PNG to get some cool skies!

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