Grantville guster….

With the run of spring weather this week also came some spring thunderstorms, which was also a very welcome change. This particular day saw a number of ‘pulsey’ type storms in my area, of which I hope to find the time to process another image of one of them. This particular image was taken from a line of storms that pushed through near dark with the frontal passage/boundary and that had the most kick. Quite photogenic with this spectacular gustfront surging out across Westernport bay at great speeds left little time to walk/run to some compositions, so like with 99.9% of storm chasing type images – you make do with what nature dictates to you. Within literally 2 minutes, this location was pummeled with torrential rain and fierce windgusts.

‘ Grantville guster  –  Vic. ’

~ by Tony Middleton on October 9, 2010.

22 Responses to “Grantville guster….”

  1. Great image Tony, those clouds are amazing!

    • thanks Ben – yeah it looked pretty good ! pity you get very little time in these situations though.. hoping for more mid week 🙂

  2. Wow, I love the clouds, they are massive, threatening, organic, aliiiive!

  3. Wow!


    Check out this site Tony, I am sure you have it anyway. anything with -5 or above is electrical storms.

    • hey Casey,
      Yeah BSCH is a great resource, I’ve known Ben for about 10-12yrs now I think. I’m not sure which forecast model/chart you are particularly referring to though ?

      cheers 🙂

  5. Like it Tony, with a storm front moving that fast stitching must have been fun! Or is it a single frame crop?

    • hey Tim,
      Yeah storms that day were moving at near 100km/h and coupled with the movement along and of the outflow boundary there… you need to work fast ! I guess 12+ years of stormchasing has trained me enough for this type of work 🙂

  6. Crackalaka mate!

    Your work is getting better and better dude!

  7. impressive stuff mate

  8. Hey Tony,

    That shot is so damn awesome. Well done.


  9. Superb capture of that front Tone.

  10. The stupendous power of nature magnificently displayed!

  11. Like I posted earlier on your other image – incredible sense of energy in the sky!

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