desert forest…

This is an image of one of the ‘forests’ in South Australia’s arid north. It looks like a pair of wedge tail eagles have claimed this prize bit of real estate and built themselves a deluxe home with views. Initially I thought that this would make a great B&W but at this stage I really like the deep blues of the outback sky and the vegetation tones so I have settled with this simplistic colour version for now.

‘ Desert forest –  South Australia ’


~ by Tony Middleton on September 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “desert forest…”

  1. You are doing a very nice excursion into simplicity Tone, this is really good stuff. Can’t go wrong with a solitary tree hehehehe (I have about a hundred of them).

    Incidentally, it is amazing how similar Namibia can look to Australia. Same sort of very dry desert conditions, red soil etc. Substitute the tree for a Namibian one and you would not know the difference.

    • Stoked (but not overly surprised) that you are enjoying the journey too Flem. Interesting point about the two countries arid regions that you make. Do you think the vegetation is the same or different ? (obviously similar’ish but i’m now curious on a botanical level)

      tone 🙂

      • The vegetation is quite different I think. Australia is unique due to it’s 65 million years of separation.

        But Namibia is also quite special. There are the classical flat-top african trees but also Baobab trees similar to the Australian Boab tree. The bush (the velt) seems different in Namibia, different grasses and bushes and trees. Namibia has the worlds longest living plant, the welwitschia, living up to 2000 years. More here:

        I’ll dig out a shot for you almost similar to yours above, only from the Namibian bushland.

  2. Nice shot tone, as Flemming said, the simplicity.

    • Cheers Tom – the minimalist/simplistic style is part of what drew me to shooting these locations. I felt a need for less cluttered scenes and landscapes – back to the basics of life.


  3. Love to see a B & W of this as well, would become even more simplistic maybe ?

    • hey Pete,
      Yeah it could be, I had a quick dabble with processing it that way but couldn’t get the ‘feel’ I wanted – so maybe another day when time permits I’ll have a more concerted attempt.

      T 🙂

  4. Thanks heaps for the info Flemming – I look fwd to seeing your similar image too 🙂

  5. Love the simplicity of this one Tony. This is my kind of photo, very dry Australian Landscape. I think the clouds in the sky give that little something extra as well.


    • hey Michael – thanks for stopping by mate, yeah the clouds were great and part of what attracted me to taking the shot.

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