The Crystal ball 2010…

After posting a series of minimalist and desert type images I though that it may be time to get out and about and shoot something with loads of detail and lushness.

Having shot this particular spot several times over the years. This w/e I returned for another look and to see what may have changed since my 2009 visit. After some heavy deluges a couple of the logs were gone but with what appears to be more water in the river than the 2009 image there is less flow over the ‘ball’ itself which may also indicate deeper erosion at the top of the ball thus allowing more water to flow beside and underneath the ball. Either way I still love this little secret spot and it is interesting noting it’s changes with time.

July 2009 image

‘ The Crystal ball  –  Cool temperate rainforest, Vic. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on September 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Crystal ball 2010…”

  1. Very nice mate, tranquil and serene. Was trying to do the same thing in the Otways (take advantage of good flows) but heaps of the tracks/roads are closed due to either storm damage, floods or both which was a massive pain in the arse.

    • Yeah the Otways is home to plenty of gorgeous cool temperate rainforest, waterfalls etc. Pity about the limited access mate… mostly still reeling from the low about 4weeks ago I’d imagine….


  2. Really like the colour and tone in this little tableau. bet it looks great large!

    • cheers Tim – the sharpness of the detail in this at fullsize is brilliant ! I thought a bit of greenery to the blog was called for 🙂

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