desert light…

After a couple of weeks in the dark ages I’m crawling back out into civilisation. I’ve had a number of things stuff up lately but it’s all good fun !  I had no power for near on 3 days due to some savage weather, no internet, then my HD on my mac died – yay for applecare though! Now my 4WD is out of action until mid next week… But not to worry, worse things can happen.

I have not got PS back on my mac yet, hopefully I will get a chance to do that tomorrow. Meanwhile I found this file on a back up HD that I had half prepared for the blog several weeks ago. If only I had backed up the large volume of processing that I had done the week my HD died. hrmm/haha

I had been on the road for about 10days and had eaten all my preferred food. So after I had spent the best part of 3days waiting in the middle of a desert for light and nearing total ridiculous boredom I had to make a move otherwise I’d have to go find some ants and seeds to eat. So I made a move and headed to this location a couple of hundred km’s south west and back towards some amenities. This was another of those cracking dawns – cracking because the desert breeze made you freeze your crack off ! Oh and the light was insane !  I was to be rewarded for the 3days of gloom at the prior location after all 🙂

Anyway I hope you enjoy the image.

‘ Desert light  –  SA ’


~ by Tony Middleton on September 10, 2010.

16 Responses to “desert light…”

  1. Crackalacka son!

    Sorry to hear about your traumas mate…I am having my own challenges here in Trinidad!

    Getting these boats handed over is like pulling teeth eh!

    • I can only image Mark – need to find a stronger anesthetic and get them signed off… 😉

      I figure not much else left here could break down now, given all the things I’ve replaced or repaired in the last 12months. I look forward to saving my money towards more enjoyable uses ! 🙂

      best of luck with the handover and safe traveling mate 🙂

  2. Gold, Gold Tone 😀 Amazing location and light. I feel the composition could probably be explored a bit more for higher potential, but love the setting and the light. Those desert mornings do get a bit chilly 😀

    You’ve had your share of bad luck, ouch! Must be heading for 7 good years now mate.

    • Cheers Flem – It was an amazing location, I do feel that this comp among the strongest you could get given the steep scree slopes and vegetation in the ‘wrong’ spots. As it was I was precariously perched 🙂

  3. Wondered where you were,still have no idea! At least you got some good images out of all that stuff going wrong.
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  4. Great work Tone.

  5. Super location and nice hint of light.

  6. looks like a pretty incredible place there Tony. it’s funny what us photographers will put up with just to get those fleeting moments of light to transform the scene isn’t it 🙂 rewarding when it pays off like this!

  7. Love the shot love the light.

  8. Yep, What CF said. Another beauty.

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