Pioneering ruins…

I can imagine the pioneer pastoralists entering this land after a great season and thinking they had struck an agricultural goldmine. After which carrying out farming practises that worked well in England and Europe. But this vast beautiful land that we share is far from that distant memory of theirs.  This pioneer hut made from local stone is withering with time and the elements.

Here on a cold winter’s evening the sun deceivingly casts a loving glow over this broken dream.

‘ Pioneer dream  –  SA ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 26, 2010.

18 Responses to “Pioneering ruins…”

  1. Nice and interesting rural scene here. It could perhaps be explored a bit more for composition in that beautiful light.

    The pioneer pastoralists certainly had a hard time, they should have listened a bit more to the people who had known the land for 60,000 years.

    • Hi Flem, Yep, there are always lots of lessons to be learnt by those that are prepared to take the time to listen.

      t 🙂

  2. My kinda pic Tony, Nice light and the composition.

  3. just one of the many places in Australia that broke the hearts of English pastoralists. Nice image Tony!

  4. captivating photo tony

  5. Classic shot Tony. This one screams “Australia”

  6. I´ve been admiring your photos for some time and took the liberty to link your blog – if you don´t like this, please let me know. Awesome!

    • Thanks for the link and stopping by with a comment, I look forward to reading more in the future.
      tone 🙂

  7. Nice sublte light Tony. Also your w/press header image is a classic, love it

  8. Almost makes me think I have travelled back in time mate!

    • hey Mark,
      I feel that I have too… over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a dark ages experience myself. No power for the best part of 3 days after a night of savage weather, no internet from the same weather, Dead HD on my mac – thankfully replaced by applecare (got it back yesty – but lost a bunch of stuff since last back up 2wks prior). And now no car until mid next week (a blown seal on the transmission case).

      Fun !


  9. Lovely scene Tone.

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