Utopic light…

Now this was a shoot to remember ! I had been traveling with good mates Ben and Seb for a number of days and we spotted this scene a couple of days prior. We got on location in the pre dawn (some of us had got sleep and others didn’t  😛  ). Once there, the wind was relentless and absolutely freezing ! Pre-dawn, elevated and on the desert fringe in the middle of winter is not a place likely to be very warm on any dawn – and it wasn’t !

Slowly the light sensually caressed the vista before us, it was breathtaking to say the least ! The light show was the only thing resembling contented comfort though as the strong winds smacking into the range were forced to rise and therefore condense, generating a somewhat ‘standing’ cloud cap above the range that danced and jived through all sorts of funky shapes and textures over a 2 hour period. The wind would then carry the cloud off to the left of frame where it would dissipate without the orographic forcing that generated it, whilst more cloud was continually formed above the rage from the forcing. So we were there to witness (in ridiculously cold conditions) an amazing spectacle, which for me was made even more enjoyable by understanding the physics behind the show.

Perched up on a tiny ridge we shot this scene for near on 2hrs in an marathon session in awe of nature.

‘ Utopic light  –  bloody freezing !  ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 24, 2010.

18 Responses to “Utopic light…”

  1. Love the story Tony, love the image. That is one fantastic clouds and sweeeet light on those mountains. It’s funny how images like these look warm and fuzzy when in reality it was a bone freezing experience!

    • hey Flemming ! Yeah the tones in an image can often be deceiving of what the conditions were really like.. I’m not sure if this is good or bad – haha !

  2. Awesome shot Tony. Good story to boot.

    • cheers mate – glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t been online for a number of days so heaps to catch up on !

  3. Great shot Tony! Sure wasn’t the best move sleeping in the rooftop tent, felt like the wind was going to rip it right off the 4WD. Love it how the best images come from the worst weather conditions.

    • hey Ben – yeah it woke me up a few times with it’s flapping and banging ! How cold was it that morning !

      Nothing beats a bit of atmospheric drama hey 🙂

  4. Way to go there Toneman!

    Kicked some butt there dude!

    • cheers Mark – much appreciated as always mate 🙂 Thanks again for the profiles too !

  5. Lucky buggers ! ha ha.
    Wicked cloud.

  6. Great shot Tony, a time-lapse sequence of this would look awesome! Love watching the interaction between cloud,wind and mountains. Nature at it’s most dynamic.

    • Hey Tim,
      Yeah I’ve watched time lapse footage of these set ups in the past – amazing viewing !

      I hope you are making a good recovery mate.


  7. i got to this line in your post “Slowly the light sensually caressed the vista before us, it was breathtaking to say the least !”

    and i quickly skipped the rest to look at this image lol
    i like you’re writing.
    p.s the photo is great.

    • hi Chloe,
      I’m stoked that you like both the image and the literature. The latter is something that I do enjoy doing once I manage to get in to the ‘zone’.
      I’ve fixed up your comment and deleted the latter one for you as well.

      tone 🙂

  8. Awesome mate! Keep up the good work.

    Ryan Epstein

  9. I know this scene very well – no wonder you were itching for a hot coffee after that! Yes, it is a beautiful part of the world but I’m not getting enough time to enjoy it or to do my own creative stuff and I’m also feeling the pull of family and friends in Vic so have put the business and my house on the market. Will keep my land up here and possibly gravitate between the two. Anyway, love your work and a great literary style as well, cheers

    • I bet you would have only driven past this scene 10 000 times Robyn !
      It certainly would be more than a handfull trying to run the business etc by yourself there… It sounds like you have a great plan with the time split. 🙂
      all the best,
      tone 🙂

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