cracker !

You know that you are in for a cracker when you see this type of set up on the eastern horizon during the pre-dawn ! Whilst I would not normally shoot into the ‘sun’, on this occasion it would have to be done. Whilst waiting for the light with anticipation, a puddle of salivation formed on the ground below my chin in the icy desert dawn. So I couldn’t resist in composing some images of this spectacular sky display in the interim of  until the main show took the stage.

The main show went on to encompass pretty much the entire sky in all directions with hues of mauve and pink, painting everything on earth below it in the most glorious light.

‘ Blazing skies  –  Nth SA ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 17, 2010.

25 Responses to “cracker !”

  1. I hate you now Tone man…absolute cracker all right mate! 🙂

    Very well done!

    • haha – I’ll take that as a compliment of course ! It’s all about the sky in this one – and why not when it’s putting on a show like that.

      cheers buddy

  2. amazing sunrise cloudscape Tony. no wonder why you decided to pass on using foregound- it wouldn’t have worked at all with a sky as stunning as that.

    it’s cool how the light spreads everywhere when there’s a nice big “natural reflector” with clouds like this too. you would have gone nuts for that 5 mins!! 🙂

    • hey Stephen,
      Yeah mate it goes down as one of the all time classics that I have experienced for all over cover and light. 🙂

  3. I hear you about shooting into the sun but when it is this outstanding we are allowed I think! No foreground needed, the sky is the subject. Awesome awesome colours and clouds.

    When I show people these Australian sunrises/sunsets they can’t believe the colours. We get soft pastel coloured versions, Australia gets the real thing!

    I now hate you too. I want this image in my outback collection!

    • Very true Flems – it’s a sky abstract for me. This bad boy is pretty much the RAW files just stitched and cropped and I actually had to tone down the colour a touch to retain it a bit ! I think Aust and perhaps the USA would produce this sort of stuff most regularly and spectacularly – love it

      It’s ok, I don’t mind you hating me over this… lol You can always buy it 😛

      all the best,
      tone 🙂

  4. $%^&(@ awesome

  5. Nice one Tony, that sky is amazing!

  6. Absolutely amazing Tony. You just have to be happy with this. The only thing better would’ve been seeing you leap out of a helicopter with an umbrella.



    • cheers Jamie – haha – strange tweak on it… The chopper wouldn’t want to be any higher than 20ft !

  7. These type of skies just have to photographed as they don’t come along everyday. This one is a beaut.

  8. Freakin awesome sky Tone, nailed it.

    • cheers Tom, I’m pretty glad it stitched together so seemlessly (being so many frames with moving clouds)

  9. the texture of a woollen jumper that nan made! very nice Tony

  10. Nice one Tony

  11. Ripper! Well done on keeping away from blow outs too!

  12. Wow what an image! that is just beautiful.

  13. My God Mother nature must have been pleased with you on this day Tony. Awesome would be understatment. If I saw this I would probably forget to even press the shutter

    • hey Adrian,
      I’m not sure if she was as pleased with me as I was with her ! It’s great to be rewarded with experiences and sights like this that is for sure.
      tone 🙂

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