alien world…

This is Bill and his great mate Ernie, both from SE Qld making the journey across this alien looking world. There is nothing more stark than the vivid orange kayak that they have hauled across several deserts to get here. I certainly hope they managed to get it in for a paddle on the flooded Cooper ck.

The landscape around this region is devinely arid, stark and to me… deadset impressive !  I think fellow Blogger Flemming may also appreciate this type of scenery.

‘ Alien world  –  whoop-whoop-yonder ’


~ by Tony Middleton on August 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “alien world…”

  1. Appropriate name there Tone Man!

    Nice work!

  2. Wow Tony. Look how stark the surrounding area is. Really well captured mate.

  3. Yes I like stuff like this very moon. Driving on the Moon. Would like it even better without the sign, even though the sign is quite funny. Almost looks like Namibia.

    • hey Flem,
      Yep another planet indeed ! This one was just a snap I took for the guys and I thought I’d throw it up on here as well. I liked the ‘odd’ ‘quirkyness’ of the winding road signs in the middle of that barren land. I have other images with no cars from there to sort out at some stage.

      tone 🙂

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