Emerging light…

Standing on the shores of the ‘great inland sea’ it was easy to forget that I was in the middle of several deserts and more than 500km’s from the coast. With the scent of a quaint seaside fishing village in the air and the calm of the desert it was also hard to believe that I was actually approximately 10m below sea level.

‘ Emerging light  –  Lake Eyre ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 4, 2010.

20 Responses to “Emerging light…”

  1. Great colours Tony.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Oh that’s stunning Tone, so cool, really alien and otherworldly – a big big winner for me!

    • Cool – glad you like it Flem ! It wasn’t quite how I envisaged the shot before getting there… but maybe when I get time to process some of the others from the trip they may be closer to the mark. None the less I’m pretty happy with this and like the blues.

  4. yep, that is a winner. well done mate

  5. Same as the MCG … print it large.

  6. Aha…wasn’t the first to comment this time…but still the first like it eh Tone!

  7. Very nice Tony.

  8. I like this one Tone great colours

  9. This photo is amazing, a time of great potential, it like this vibrant life giving energy is about to arrive

    • hey Mat – so very true ! the energy that I wa slooking fwd to most at the time came in the form of warmth ! but yes it was an etheral experience 🙂

  10. I notice that at that time of day I seem to feel a calm and gentle anticipation. Then moments later, as you said, a bathing of warmth occurs. It’s amazing – the combination of warmth and light, a life sustaining energy.
    Where there any birds there singing at that shot?

    • Sunlight and water – the ingredients for the majority of life on earth… brilliant !
      There were a number of birds about – mainly waders chattering away… almost as much as my teeth were. haha !

      tone 🙂

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