Glowing gums…

Not dental gums, but botanical gums ! I used to work past these couple of beauties a couple of times a day at Noosa, I always noted them as being potentially photogenic – they just need the right light and composition. So finally our dreams united united on this particular twilight and I got my shot of them and they got the 3 seconds of blog fames (all be it a number of years later !)

‘ Glowing gums  –  Noosa, Qld. ©’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 3, 2010.

20 Responses to “Glowing gums…”

  1. Well I think you are right. You have nailed the light and exposure here. Well done!

  2. love love love LOVE LOVE IT Tony! 🙂
    that light is magic! reminds me a bit about that Esperance rocks image I posted a while back- but this is so much more interesting!
    especially love that top half of the main tree! wow!

    • hey Stephen – Glad you love it so much ! To most I probably appeared stupid pointing my camera at the trees in the near dark…but I knew what the results could be like.. Plenty more in the old boxes to dig out some day 🙂

  3. Top image mate, I know these trees personally. Great spot, great shot

    • hey Andrerw, yeah, what are your names for them ? haha
      But yeah beaut spot hey 🙂


  4. I agree on gum trees, they are really photogenic and unlike most trees, the bright gums really pick up light and reflect colours making them look amazing in the setting or rising sun. This is a good one Tone!

    • hey Flem,
      Yeah they come in so many great forms and textures and nearly always offer something photographically 🙂

  5. Freaky shot Tony, very nice light and composition.

    • hey Tom – yeppers, I had been wanting some special light on them and I got it this particular evening.

  6. One of your best Tony! I have probably passed these Gums a few times.

    • hey Tim, Cheers mate…they are pretty much next to the track so you most likely have. 🙂

  7. Noosa a cool place … well the couple of times i’ve stayed there i’ve liked it.

    First time i went there it was almost alone and isolated. We went there in April this year and i couldn’t believe the growth in the outer area, but i do like the place , second to Pt Douglas for me.

    • Yeah it’s developed now days… but done relatively tastefully for a place of that population IMO… naturally a nice spot though ! 🙂

  8. Nice tones Tone!

  9. Nice composition mate

  10. stunning light on the tree here mate – beautiful work!

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