With a lot of discussion and debate about lately with the poor surface at the Dockland’s stadium (Etihad) in Melbourne. With the players not being able to keep their feet, I thought I’d put up this image of the mighty MCG. Despite at first glance, it may be looking a bit dry and arid on this particular day, but a closer inspection of the ‘turf’ revealed it being very wet and muddy. Good luck getting ridden into the ground face first here !

‘ Hallowed turf, MCG  –  Outback SA ©’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 1, 2010.

20 Responses to “M.C.G”

  1. Very funny Tone!

    • hey Mark,
      I always find an attraction to this sort of stuff as well as wonders of nature… glad you got a laugh.


  2. The old Marree Cricket Ground, now that is a sight.

  3. Classic shot mate.

  4. Haha, Reminds of the old cricket ground at Paynes Find WA in it’s glory days, long gone now of course.

  5. Like this one! AFL is big in Nauru and they play on grounds like this as well. Mad buggers, could you imagine playing Rugby on grounds like this? Oowww……

    • I couldn’t imagine playing anything on grounds like these…. But at least they are getting involved and being active 🙂

      • Hey Tony, I used to play footy as kid on an oval that was covered in camel weed and rock hard clay, You learnt real fast how out run anyone that was trying to tackle you to the ground and when you did get taken down you couldn’t play anymore because you were to badly injured. The good old days, like hell.

  6. haha – great story and memories there Hodgy. Toughened you up for the rest of life 😉

  7. Love it Tony ….. print it large , seriously.

    Reminds me of a similar oval at Jigalong east of Mt Newman , they had a big sign up for the West Coast Eagles that everyone stood by to be in the shade.

    • haha – classic NW story there Merv – do you have a pic of it ? Thanks as always mate 🙂

  8. Classic tone

  9. if the AFL did actually play on a ground like this and televised it, i’d probably watch it along with thousands of others who never pay any attention – oh the morbidity!

    • haha – Cain, it is a love or hate it thing isn’t it, media over saturation on players lives is something that gets on my goat… maybe get them out on this field too – that would make for some viewing 🙂

      • yes! they should have an exhibition match out here – you could get all the crack users, drunks, rapists, eye-gougers and mobster affiliated to slug it out against the media/commentators…which team would Aker play for though?

  10. So we are talking a match with the politicians ? great idea !

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