wowzers baby !

I couldn’t be bothered doing any processing but I wanted to keep the ball rolling on the blog with posts so here’s an oldie from NZ – hope you like it… (excuse the 5yr old processing too !)

‘ champaign pool  –  Velvia 50, NZ. ’

~ by Tony Middleton on July 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “wowzers baby !”

  1. Still a very cool shot there mate…the orange and green colours are working well together.

    Hoping that lurgy is getting better.

  2. Looks great Tone,….the smell on the other hand….:)

    Processing comes in waves, I’m just getting back to a Tassie trip coming on a year ago.

    • yeah it was a very cool place and it didn’t even smell that much compared to some areas !

  3. this place looks amazing! great shot Tony!

  4. Great simplicity Tony

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