windy fields…

A cold winter’s evening in the Southern Flinders ranges gave way to this particular image. A location that I had scouted and wanted to shoot on previous trips finally afforded me the light and opportunity this particularly cold windy evening. Rugged up with merino wool, beanies and scarves I stuck it out whilst cursing myself forgetting my gloves. Persistence paid off and long after the sun had set I shot this image with my frozen fingers barely operating the shutter and tripod.

‘ windy fields  –  Sth Aust. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on July 26, 2010.

20 Responses to “windy fields…”

  1. Sweet Tone!

    I love those 3D clouds. We get them over here a bit and i go hunting for them. I scored a day at Rotto with Flemming Bo Jensen with just those sort of clouds which was way cool!

    I too forgot my gloves when we were in the Old Growth rain forests in Tassy and fingers were frozen on the way out…nothing worse I reckon!

    Nice image mate!

    • hey Mark,
      Yeah they can go some nice colours as well which is a bonus. Yeah I think I got to the point where my teeth were chattering by the time I got back to my car – lol
      I’ll look at digging something up from Hotham in the coming days too !
      cheers 🙂

  2. The mission has been accepted…this tape destructs in 5 seconds!

    • haha – there may very well be a couple more arid-deserty type shots go up first that’s all 😉 (hotham stuff is downstairs on another HD)

  3. Beaut sky Tone, very nice clouds, nice landscape.

    • hey Tom,
      Glad you like it mate, I agree with you on the sky – I love those types of hues.


  4. Yup! That is brilliant. Lovely light, classic wind mill and composition and brilliant clouds. A winner. Horizon perhaps a tad too centered.

    I agree on freezing fingers, it’s nearly impossible to do anything with deep frozen fingers. Which is why my philosophy always will be “never venture too far from the tropics”.

    • haha Flem – I agree, it’s a pity that higher latitudes can offer equally beautiful and possibly more varied landscapes… but yeah… warmth 🙂
      Some fantastic recent posts on your blog as well (whilst I was away) to which I have not had a chance to comment on as of yet. A great read as always !


      • Thanks, look forward to your comments 🙂 Yeah we have to suffer for our art, because the higher lattitudes do offer some amazing scapes. I really want to go to Patagonia!

  5. Nice one Tony … like it a lot.

    Is it a stitch ?

  6. Wicked Tony. Its just so………….. Aussie! I love windmill shots.

    • hey Jamie – yeah I like them also..I’ve got a few more from this trip to sort out at some point.

  7. Nice work mate. Got a windmill shot from that area that I haven’t processed yet. Better get to it after seeing this.

    • Cheers Andrew – I look fwd to seeing what you shot… funny if it was the same one !
      I’m happy with the header image too, I have a sequence of him but that frame is my fav.

  8. cool header image btw

  9. Looks like a hard bit of country Tony, The Tones in this photo are really nice.
    Worth the wait and hardship I’d say.

    • hey Hodgy – yeah the country around there is hard by my standards but nothing in comparison to what you see as you push further north… Seriously I don’t know why they bother up there… what is it they can run? 3 ants per 100acres ? hahaa

  10. Like it Tony, Clouds look like a dinosaur marching across the landscape!

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