Traversing the moon…

One of the aspects of my latest travels that I enjoyed experiencing and attempting to convey in my work is that of the arid wide open spaces of the interior deserts. Purely very little signs of life in this particular region even after good rains, just rock and dirt/mud. The arid landscape reflects its tones onto the cloudbases above adding to an ‘other worldly’ feel.

‘ the moon plain  –  arid as can be ! ’


~ by Tony Middleton on July 25, 2010.

12 Responses to “Traversing the moon…”

  1. Nice buddy…real nice!

  2. My kinda stuff Tone, liking it very much. This could almost be the moon. Or Namibia. Except I doubt there’s plastic poles on the side of the road on the moon – none in Namibia either for that matter. Very nice wide open space. Could perhaps paint a bit of light on the foreground, ever so slightly flat.

    Where’s this?

    • hi Flemming,
      I knew you would be a good chance at liking this, though wasn’t sure about anyone else. Don’t fear mate I have a number of others from SA without plastic poles or roads in them as well. Thanks for the lightening idea as well, I’m pretty uninspired with processing atm so consequently this is very straight up.

      cheers 🙂

  3. I love driving along roads like this. Great photo Tony.


  4. Nice work Tone

  5. great shot tony, liking your header image too!

  6. Cool shot and location Tony, very naked out there.

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