Ovens river rapids…

This is one from the Ovens river in the state’s NE. I was really attracted to the contrast of the white water of the rapids against the darker river and autumn colours. I’d  like to type a bit more info and details to go with this image but time is short at the moment and besides… most people probably prefer to just check out images…  ;P

‘ Oven’s river rapids  –  Bright, Vic’


~ by Tony Middleton on July 8, 2010.

8 Responses to “Ovens river rapids…”

  1. Nice, Tony!

  2. Nice composition mate, like the water trails

    • hey AB, yeah the water trails opposing the dropping willow branches creates a nice contrasting effect in my mind.

  3. very nice tony!, you’re pulling out the good lately!

  4. Great shot Tone…pissed I am that I spent so much time down below now…excllent composition as well!

    • hey Markie – My mind’s eye had a vision of the drooping yellow foliage contrasing the lines of the black/white water… hope it worked ! You still managed heaps of great images !

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