car door…

Whilst I detest the junk ‘we’ humans seem to leave behind everywhere that we go, it’s like a scurge on the landscape. But I do somehow have a bit of an affinity in photographing busted up and weather beaten remnants of yesty year. So for me as a photographer, there is nothing like a bit of old junk that has been weather beaten by the elements for a subject. This particular car body has a lot of weathering ahead of it, but already had developed some character for a few shots whilst it shimmered on a very brisk outback dawn.

‘ Car door   –  outback NSW’

~ by Tony Middleton on July 4, 2010.

12 Responses to “car door…”

  1. Nice Tone…very nice…your treatment of the image is spot on!

    • cheers Mark – I guess all these posts lately are a sign of some itchy feet 🙂

  2. Indeed! off to Tassy tomorrow mate!

    • woohoo – should be awesome mate, how long for and where about are you off to ?

  3. Love the fresh dew on the door handle!

  4. Geez the chrome is still in great nick. Good find mate. Was this car out on the plains or in amongst some other junk?

    • hi AB – yeah like spanking new ! I shot this a few years and literally hundreds of 1000’s of km’s ago… so I’m racking my brain a bit to be honest… more than likely some other crap about though I’d say. 🙂

  5. love the overall tone to this image! very warm!

    • hey Dylan – yeah Velvia has some lovely tones and saturation that is for sure 🙂

  6. Nice composition Tony

    • cheers Batesy – Thought I’d throw something other than a landscape up… hahaa

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