outback sentinels…

I have always loved things that defy the norm or survive against the odd. It could be a bit like supporting the underdog. Botanical species are no exception – in fact I go vast distances to seek out such specimans. They can be contorted and twisted or gnarled to what many may call grotesque appearance by the enviroment within which they grow or can grow to vast proportions or be of delicate or rare beauty. This image was a perfect example as I had searched for a grove of these Brachychitons dominating over a surrounding plain. The graduation of colours through the cloudless outback sky as a backdrop in this was a clincher for taking this one.

‘ Outback sentinels  –  5D2 stitch’

~ by Tony Middleton on July 1, 2010.

11 Responses to “outback sentinels…”

  1. This depiction roar “ultra voloume”.. having said that what do I meant?! Hmmm.. “Simplicity IS NOT Simple” – An awesome piece THE world catwalks are embracing.. “jeweliciousness” of the nature!

  2. Opps “volume”..

  3. Well the above comment is waytoodeep for me!

    A big yup from me…nice and simple!

    • haha – yeah she can get a little arty in descriptions, but check out some of MissIvy’s work for a totally different perspective to what we generally shoot and for some inspiration.

      cheers, 🙂

  4. Nice silhouette Tony, beaut colour.
    I have a Brachychiton and a Sequoiain in pots at home, way too scared to plant them out, they would certainly stand out in the gap here.

    • hey Tom,
      Which Brachychiton do you have at home ? I have quite a few of these ruspstris actually, most that I propagated from seed from travels many years ago and one Grand speciman that may be amongst the largest in vic (nothing compared to in their native environs) but it would have a girth/circumference of perhaps 10ft.. Remember things will only grow to which the environment they are in will allow them. I applaud your diligent discipline though 🙂

  5. Crikey, don’t understand comment one but I’ll be succinct.
    Shit hot shot.

    • haha – either way works for me, succincticity (?) is great though 🙂
      cheers AB 🙂

  6. Simple is always better – this is simply beautiful!

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