Whilst sorting through a huge backlog of work I came across this image from autumn in the Dandenong ranges. Whilst it was probably not the ideal day for photography I could not resist the warmth of the bounced light around the scene from the golden autumn leaves. Here in the Alfred Nicholas Gardens curators have blended introduced deciduous species with the indigenous cool temperate rainforest that abounds in the area. The result is what appears (though botanically not ideal) a very harmonious landscape, one that bursts to life with colour every autumn.

‘ harmony  –  Dandenong ranges, Vic’

~ by Tony Middleton on June 28, 2010.

14 Responses to “harmony…”

  1. Super shot Tone, love it and the colours, could just be a touch brighter.

    • hey Tom, Yep you could be on the money there mate, as I did do this one at some ridiculous time of the morning…ie 3am LOL

      cheers 🙂

  2. Hey Tone

    how nice are these gardens… I spent three hours there and wanted to spend more time but it got dark.

    • hey Darren,
      Yeah there are some really pretty scenes up that way and especially at that time of year. Spewing we missed each other whilst you were down ! I look forward to seeing and reading more from your trip.

  3. Crackalacka mate! Love it!

    • thank-alack-alacka ! Next time you come over Mark we’ll definitely have to do some trippin about and shooting 🙂

  4. you sure have these Autumn scenes sussed out Tony.
    this is fantastic!
    love how the tree’s are lit up, very nice composition too 🙂

    • hey Stephen,
      It was something that I wanted to focus on this autumn as I never really had any shots of that nature that I was satisfied with from previous years. And with so many places in Vic that put on a pretty spectacular display (by Aust standards) and they not be ‘that’ far away I made a concerted effort to get that element of the season and year for my own satisfaction. Plenty more shots of course, and few ones I think might be a bit better than some that I have already posted, but that’s another story or blog post.

      cheers 🙂

      • they’re bloody spectacular compared to over here lol.

        but it’s good to see- last year you focused on the Winter images, this year the Autumn, yeah you’re up North/outback images are fantastic but you’ve sure kept us (well me at least haha) interested anyway with these new genres.

        and if you have better one’s to come I look forward to it!
        after a few quiet months in blog land it sure has heated up hasn’t it. 🙂

  5. Very nice mate. Good to see a different composition from A.N.
    Plenty more gardens up there that are a little more unknown, give me a buzz next Autumn.

    • hey Andrew, spot on and thanks for taking note, as I wanted a different perspective than that stereotypical shot (although I do have a couple) of the shed/boat shed on the lake there. Very true about there being plenty more gardens, even though I have poked about up there a fair bit, I’m sure you know of plenty more gems about, so we’ll have to try to keep it in mind next yr 🙂

  6. I really like this one Tony, got a great overall feel about it.

    I might have to try and get over to that area sometime soon and get me some of these autumny pics for myself.

  7. Very nice photo, mate. Love the colours, looks like an amazing place to shoot! If I was to be super picky, I’d like a little less space to the left of the bridge and a little more space on the right of the bridge. Cheers, Beau.

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